Ethics & Integrity

Corporate Social Responsibility

Niru makes a positive impact in the lives of the people we touch around the world. We support ethical sourcing and assure our clients on the natural integrity of our diamonds.

In house Diamond verification technology from GGTL Laboratories, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Niru is committed to promoting and maintaining responsible and ethical integrity of our supply chain.

The communities we are a part of is an extension of our family.

Mine to Market

Our Process

With a global workforce, our team is committed to a continued focus on investing in infrastructure and technology.


Rough Planning

With experienced personnel working with the latest technology and armed with Niru’s exhaustive business intelligence reports, we plan to realize the full potential of every diamond.



With skilled polishers in our manufacturing division, each of our facilities is state-of-the-art and designed for a specific range of goods



Precise sorting by microscopes enables us to have reliable assortments.


Service Stock

In Rounds, Princess, Baguettes and Emeralds our stock is organized by millimeter.


Precision Cutting

At our Sri Lanka facility, we have over a decade of experience in mass customization of diamonds.

What We Offer

Reliability in our service, Precision in our product offering and, Integrity in our supply and sourcing of natural diamonds

Personalized Service


Mature ERP Systems


Commitment to Excellence