Today, it is essential to control our environmental impact to fight against climate change.

Niru Group is launching a carbon footprint project on his supply chain from the purchase of rough diamonds to the sale of polished Diamonds.

The elaboration of our greenhouse gas inventory will allow to identify the critical points and actions to be taken to reduce our emissions.

Respecting natural resources, controlling energy resources, favouring the cleanest technologies in its production processes and controlling waste is a core concern at Niru Group.

As part of the “NIRU GOES GREEN” campaign, our manufacture in Sri Lanka has been continuously adopting strategies to ensure that the energy consumption in the manufacturing process and the impact it would have on the environment is minimized.

Our manufacture is equipped with solar panels spanned across a roof area of approximately 32,000 square feet, which is suffice to not only generate the electricity requirements for the manufacturing process, but also to supply to the national grid, which can be utilized to supply clean renewable energy to the society at large.


For more information, see the following video: