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Our Stones


Over the last 30 years Niru is committed in making a positive difference in the Sri Lankan community. Niru focuses on training women to transform rough diamonds to precision cut polished diamonds. Today our factory team of 1,500 people is expected to double to 3,000 by 2024 with the expansion of our new building.

Our factory specializes in cutting precision cut diamonds for the watch and haute jewelry maisons in Europe.

Color stones

With Niru’s focus on expanding to provide reliable solutions for the watch and jewelry brands, it started in 2020 by building a color stones factory in Bangkok.

Training people from scratch is an integral part of the Niru value system to ensure we create a culture of precision in our products and respect for each other.

Today our team of 100 is excited to grow to 250 by 2023 to continue making a positive difference in our community.

Diamond Tools

To plan your creation please download our sizing charts or use the online calculator.

Perfect Synergy