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Stones for Watches & Settings

Precision Cutting

We mass produce customized stones to the tolerance of +-.01mm. With the latest technology, our diamonds are cut to exemplify their brightness and structural beauty.

CNC Metal Framework

With a boutique factory in Geneva with the latest CNC 5 axis machines we provide the detail eye to create your timepieces.

CNC Setting Preparation

Once our CNC specialist prepares the structure, it is more efficient for the setter.

Precision Setting

With years of experience in microscope setting, our setters have the skill and temperament to bring to life the vision of our clients.

Precision Flow



With state-of-art instruments to verify the dimensions and years of experience we craft to exact, precise dimensions.



Our team works hand in hand with the polishers to produce precise grooves.


Quality Checking

Multiple check points are setup at the factory to ensure 100 percent accuracy.


CNC 5 Axis

With the latest machines, we are the ideal source for any part that are required for time pieces.


Quality Verification

Meticulous checking of final pieces.

Precision Cutting and Setting